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About the Quinta do Tamariz

Quinta do Tamariz, the Excellence of Tradition

Quinta do Tamariz is located in Barcelos, in the heart of the vinho verde region and is operated by the Sociedade Agrícola da Quinta de Santa Maria, S.A.
Quinta do Tamariz is long ago in the same family and is now managed by the 4th generation in result of the combination of love for land with the fruit of hard work and wine innovation.
The loureiro variety is the queen of the farm, since the 80’s when the vineyards were restructured, being later planted with arinto and alvarinho.
The same passion of our ancestors in the that each make an unforgettable experience. It is the strength legacy and the guarantee of a committed work that sustain the Sociedade Agrícola da Quinta de Santa Maria, S.A., which results in a great quality wine and with a unique profile.
Our portfolio includes wines, sparkling wines and old wine spirits (aguardentes vinicas velhas).

We have experience of producing wine for 90 years!

The Quinta do Tamariz is a territory of history and stories.

The legacy of present Quinta do Tamariz was developed by António Nunes Borges in the nineteenth century,a banker who was completely delighted with vineyard, he decided to expand this activity, initially centered in the prestigious bank Borges & irmão, the exportation of wines produced on their estates.


Pisa das uvas

Uvas loureiro

Come and enjoy at Quinta do Tamariz

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