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The Quinta do Tamariz is a territory of History and Stories


The legacy of present Quinta do Tamariz was developed by Antonio Nunes Borges in the nineteenth century,a banker who was completely delighted with vineyard, he decided to expand this activity, initially centered in the prestigious bank Casa Borges & Irmão, the exportation of wines produced on their estates.

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It was the combination of love for land and hard work that, in 1926, when D. Lúcia Vinagre received a small farm from her father, António Borges, in S. Miguel da Carreira, Barcelos, began a strong viticulture development.

In 1939, Quinta do Tamariz was acquired what helped to expand the properties and became the family residence in Barcelos, even nowadays, in the 4th generation.

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The Sociedade Agricola da Quinta de Santa Maria S.A, was created in 1965 by the son of D. Lúcia vinagre, the architect Antonio Vinagre and is nowadays managed by his grandson Dr. António Borges Vinagre.

From 1981 onward, in the phase of pre-accession to the then EEC, the legislation allowed the planting of vineyards in the fields, whereas previously it was only allowed in their border, the company underwent a vast program of new vineyards. The noble grape variety loureiro, was introduced. Later, other native varieties were added, such as white grape varieties arinto and alvarinho.


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