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Mission and Values

Our History, made itself of other Stories, is the guaranty of our heritage.

Along the challenges of modernity, coexists our tradition and this pact the quality of our heritage.

Quinta do Tamariz maintains the tradition and the accumulated experience of four generations, always with its eyes on the future, looking for a prominent position in the wine market.

We work under culture of excellence, ethical values and respect for comercial relations, we promote the cultural identity of the region and we are deeply committed to the protection of the landscape and respect for the environment.

We are deeply committed to the place where we are located and where we have developed our work and for that reason we value the relationships with the institutions and the local population.

Our doors are always open to schools and other institutions and are frequently visited by children and elderly people who come here to see how the wine is produced or rest a different day.

Within the environmental commitment we practice a reasonable production duly certified, with the least resources to chemical products. We do not use herbicides and we see nature as our ally.

We also promote bio-diversity as a way of protecting our vineyards,for example our forest area and our gardens.

To our customers we are committed to always value the quality of the wines and only use the grapes from our estate.

Barcelos is a Portuguese city in the district of Braga, in the region norte and in the Cavado sub-region.

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