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Quinta do Tamariz is a unique secret garden,one of the best in the area, which house one of the oldest nurseries in the north of the country. Bio-diversity is beloved by Dr. António Vinagre.

There for, in addition to the vineyard, Quinta do Tamariz has 10 hectares of trees over 25 years old, such as chestnuts, walnuts, oaks, a whole garden in flora where camellias and roses predominate who serve to the natural habitat of small animals.

Quinta do Tamariz was awarded the “best of wine tourism” prize ,in the category “architecture , parks and gardens “by great wine capitals in 2008 which was given for the 1th time in the region.

Both in the vineyards and the cellar our motto is:
More physical, less chemical.

“It’s not just the flavors of the land you find in our wines. In process of vinification and bottling, we try to preserve the memory of a time. The same passion of our ancestors serves as motto so that each bottle is an unforgettable experience
Quinta do Tamariz can be defined by the concern for the well-being of the raw material”
It is not by chance that the motto of Maria Francisca Vinagre, also director of the agricultural society responsible for the productive area, is “ more physical and less chemical”, and this is almost a rule to be followed both, in the vineyard and in the cellar. In view of this ideal, the vines are treated according to reasonable farming regime, the treatments are kept to a minimum.

For Maria Francisca Vinagre each variety of grape is a particular case and therefore has to be treated in a specific way. In the vineyard, the most important is the preservation of the quality of the grapes because this is the only way to obtain a pure nectar.

The Quinta do Tamariz does not have, as a priority, big productions, but rather to get naturally aromatic, wines that can reach the cellar without residues. Therefore, if the raw material is good the final product will also be good .

Estate wines,sparkling and aguardentes

 It was in the 1930’s that delfim vinagre began to be one oh the first producers to bottle wine in Barcelos, for sale.
Harvesting is started when the grapes reach the perfect ripening point where acidity is balanced as well as the sugar levels. At that time, the grapes are carefully harvested, so that they can reach the winery in a excellent quality. The harvesting is made with the people of the land, and the first choice of grapes is made in the vineyard itself. In order to preserve the aroma and excellence of the wine, bottling is done early and each bottle has na identification number that allows access all the information about its harvest.
Quinta do tamariz proudly assumes its status of independent winemaker. Here only the grapes from the estate are vinified and only native grapes varieties are used, since only in this way we can have full control of the quality of the wine.
Having been a pioneer in the region in the bottling of mono-varietal wines, Quinta do Tamariz Loureiro, Quinta do Tamariz Arinto and Quinta do Tamariz Alvarinho, the Sociedade Agrícola also launched a “blend” wine with 3 white varieties, which presents itself as a white wine of excellence with a limited edition.


Sparkling wines are also part of the portfolio and are marketed under the Tamariz brand in the white (arinto), red (vinhão) and rosé (touriga nacional), versions
Tamariz sparkling wines are made according to the classic method, with fermentation in bottle and stage at least nine moths in the bottle.

Aguardentes have been produced by the family since 1951, year of the first distillation.

According to Amandio Galhano’s technical advise, given the magnificent characteristics of the vinho verde region for the production of aguardentes, due to its low alcohol content,high acidity and aromatic varieties, Delfim Vinagre decided in 1951 to start distillation of wines, usually red, and created a stock of aging aguardente vinica
Over the years they were being renovated, with Sociedade Agrícola having a significant stock in quantity and quality of aguardente vinica de vinho verde
The wines to be distilled are vinified expressly for this purpose, without addition of preservatives, namely sulphurous (sulfitos) and of good quality in terms of purity, since without a good base it would be impossible to produce a good aguardente.
Today there are three references of vinho verde aguardentes, aged in french limousin oak barrels, some with volumes more than 40 years old, which are charming products of Quinta do Tamariz.
In 2015 it was bottled aguardente vinica velha Quinta do Tamariz Loureiro 2001, exclusively from the loureiro variety, an aromatic brandy that leaves no admirer indifferent

To get to know Quinta do Tamariz and its products, there is nothing better than tasting them
Come visit us. We are always open arms waiting for you.

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