a case study of a traditional company going paperless with the use of electronic media

INTRODUCTION * Concept introduced in the 1980s.

Use online collaboration tools such as Redbooth, Dropbox, and Google Docs; Within word documents, encourage use of "edit" and "comment" options instead of printing and marking pages. A paperless office is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Tactics used in e-recruitment include simple systems, such as placing an ad on a public employment website asking candidates to email resumes.

The direction is more focused on movements towards using. Further, digitization reduces money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage, office space for files and employee time to manage paperwork.

Calculating an ROI financial analysis requires careful study of current … Social media tools like blogs, discussion boards, instant messaging, Facebook, and YouTube are drawing people into reading information online, interacting, sharing documents and photos. Add Items to Cart + Add to Cart. Keywords: document management, electronic documents, paperless office, information technology, e-administration. not only going to reduce the paper work by will help to organize the documents and maintain it in in less place. Paperless offices can process a much larger volume of paperwork compared to traditional offices in the same amount of time. This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form, a process known as digitization. * Going Paperless can make documentation and Information …

Your Price: $199.00. Presentation on Going Paperless 1. going paperless PREPARED BY.. RAKESH RIKAME 2. 1. * Office of the Future, one that requires little or no paper to do business.

* Instead of paper, the paperless office would use moder n technology to accomplish all of the same goals. •Case Study: Going Paperless – A Study Illustrating The Benefits Of Electronic Records According to Ken Miles of the Food and Drug Administration: "One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is migrating from paper-intensive systems to paperless electronic systems. Print Page Forward + Add to Wish list.

Popular among the younger generation, these tools are also being used by businesses to distribute electronic materials, develop trainings, seminars, and distribute company news and presentations. Eliminating paper and moving to electronic files can seem like a daunting task.

Use services such as join.me, Webex, and GoToMeeting to allow for group discussions about centralized documents. Proponents claim that "going paperless" can save money, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier, keep personal information more secure, and help the … Changing a company from paperless to electronic can seem like it’s going to be an overwhelming expense.

of the size of the company, it is administrative will, since it is necessary to reform administrative processes.

Going Paperless: University Hospitals' Case Study on Going to an Electronic-Only Medical Staff Office - On-Demand ; Going Paperless: University Hospitals' Case Study on Going to an Electronic-Only Medical Staff Office - On-Demand Product Code: YMHA013117D Availability: In stock.


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