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The Amazon rainforest wildfires caused “chaos” across Brazil in 2019 according to authorities. What everyone recognizes is that the Amazon is the model of what we’re trying to save around the world. That includes a new northern export route that drastically reduced the distance from arable land in remote areas of … The wildfires ripping through the Amazon have drawn the world’s attention to the destruction of the “lungs of the planet.” Many scientists believe cattle ranchers clearing land caused the flames, spurring groups around the world — including the government of Finland — to call for a boycott of Brazilian beef. In total, more than 24,000 square miles has been lost to deforestation in the past decade.

Also, Brazil is expanding its infrastructure into the Amazon region. Critics blame new Brazilian president. The region is critical to stripping carbon from Earth's atmosphere. Then WWF ran with it. 1. A rainforest is typically made up of four key layers: emergent, upper canopy, understory, and forest floor. Amazon rainforest videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Amazon rainforest .

First, President Cardoso made the commitment to the effort. “The Amazon is the quintessential definition of biodiversity. Amazon Rainforest news articles and editorial content published by Common Dreams, non-profit independent media publishing since 1997 in Portland, Maine. The Amazon rainforest Create an A3 artwork depicting the Amazon Rainforest and why it is referred to as “the lungs of the Earth”. And ARPA is the right tool to protect it. In your artwork try and represent what the Amazon looks like, its current and future threats and what deforestation would mean to it and the rest of the Earth. 459 square miles of the Amazon rainforest were cleared last month.

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