anti breastfeeding articles

I do not include the health benefits, as that would […] How to Stop Breastfeeding One of the prolific debates in the Breastfeeding Mums Vs Formula Mums, and Breastfeeding Mums Vs The Rest of Society wars; it seems everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding in public. Although this is no doubt a column, opinion piece, or blog post, we will use the word “article” to describe the outcome for simplicity’s sake, and not to imply any degree of journalistic integrity. You can't pick and choose when something is the best or not based off your personal preference. This one is less anti-breastfeeding and more pro-bottle, usually to avoid conflict and present a third option that ‘makes everyone happy.’ There is an infinite number of reasons women prefer to breastfeed, such as the intimacy and the availability of it. Alfred Kwesi Manyeh, Alberta Amu, David Etsey Akpakli, John E. Williams and Margaret Gyapong. 4) The mother becomes addicted to breastfeeding and it can affect her relationship with the father. Public breastfeeding legal but stigmatized. The Top 16 Breastfeeding Controversies. 3) With breastfeeding the father cannot share in feeding the children and may feel left out. Posted by NCL staff - August, 2017. Tagged: breastfeeding, parenting, health, Written by NCL Intern Trang Nguyen. A lot of what passes for breast-feeding advocacy, though, actually promotes breast pumping, not breast-feeding.In 2010, the Affordable Care … Congratulations on your decision to write your first anti-breastfeeding article! Related Articles. International Breastfeeding Journal 2020 15 :7. Tweet. 5) The mother spends most of her time breastfeeding (some 20 times a day or every half hour), which hinders her and the children intellectually. The Word Health Organization Recommendation on Breastfeeding- Encourages breastfeeding all the way up to age two or beyond alongside complimentary foods. Published on: 7 February 2020. "Breastfeeding is the best nutrition, but it definitely shouldn't happen after 12 months." ... Breast-feeding advocates called for a boycott of the chain for encouraging baby formula over breast milk. Mothers should feel free to breastfeed whenever they need to. 2.) According to a poll on, 34% of people feel nursing a baby in public is inappropriate.Those against this practice make the following arguments.

Five Arguments Against Public Breastfeeding.

In this piece I lay out the arguments for and against nursing in public. Exclusive breastfeeding cessation and associated factors among employed mothers in Dukem town, Central Ethiopia.

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