article on communal harmony is the need of the hour

It was the realization that an inviolable harmony exists in all creation and any violation of that harmony would create disaster. The Indian constitution supports and encourages religious harmony. Article 370 was only a temporary provision.

History of democracy in India goes to the remote past. India is the largest democracy of the world. "Communal harmony" refers to the principle that different peoples within a community or society must live together peacefully and in pursuit of mutual goals.

This system of governance is in fact quite suitable and conducive to the nature of inhabitants of this country. Disharmony, therefore, is the product of alienation of groups from one another based on differences. The Constitution of our country includes laws to ensure political and social equality among the citizens in order to avoid clashes and maintain harmony among its citizens. Religious harmony in India is a concept that indicates that there is love, affection in between different religions in India. In addition to this general definition, the term "communal harmony" has taken on special meaning in the nation of India, where it represents an … The Indian constitution supports and encourages religious harmony. "The scrapping of Article 370 was the need of the hour for the unity and integrity of the country. He made a Rajput lady his wife gave equal respect to is the Hindu religion. The need of the moment is not an establishment of a Universal religion but there is a greater need to develop mutual respect towards the different religions." We will not allow anyone to interfere in the internal affairs of India," a tweet on the Vice President`s official Twitter account read.

We need Sufi’s Legacy of ‘Communal Harmony’ and not Communalism during the COVID-19 in Life/Philosophy — by Badre Alam Khan — April 22, 2020 Co-Written by Badre Alam Khan & Dastagir Khan

For the sake of maintaining communal harmony, Akbar started a new religion Din-e-Iiahi. Only if a nation enjoys peace and harmony would it be able to prosper. Peace and Harmony is the basic need of any nation. He made a Rajput lady his wife gave equal respect to is the Hindu religion. Not only this, for the unity of India The basic principle, Truth, inspired all his thought and action.

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