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Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Multiculturalism. People from diverse backgrounds think, learn and react differently. While acknowledging that it is a sociopolitical issue, this article will focus on the sociological aspects of multiculturalism. This article examines how debates about multiculturalism evolved in western societies. In 2015 multiculturalism should be openly embraced in the United States, a country where many pride themselves on having the freedom to be who they are without persecution. As someone who is multicultural, I am a bridge for both sides to cross, able to give understanding to my American peers as well as my ethnic brethren struggling to pave their way into an American society. The idea of America as a melting pot is a false one whose veil is lifted as soon as you live here for a … First of all, Low Academic Achievements are an obvious issue. multiculturalism and the approaches of multicultural curriculum.

Gender, cultural, ethnic, racial and other types of identities shape how people experience, see and know the world. The article also recommends steps for achieving and maintaining diversity in the workplace and suggests solutions for it.

Multiculturalism is closely associated with “identity politics,” “the politics of difference,” and “the politics of recognition,” all of which share a commitment to revaluing disrespected identities and changing dominant patterns of representation and communication that marginalize certain groups (Gutmann 2003, Taylor 1992, Young 1990). In the first part, it presents the different meanings of the term ‘multiculturalism’ when it applies to diverse types of cultural difference within society: native and sub-state national groups, discriminated groups …

The study aimed to examine the methodological dimensions of research articles on multiculturalism and multicultural education published in Turkish academic journals between 2000 and 2018. Author links open overlay panel John W. Berry a b One other area—whether the race and ethnicity of teachers affects student learning—remains unclear. multiculturalism or cultural pluralism, a term describing the coexistence of many cultures in a locality, without any one culture dominating the region. The components required in educating a multicultural education are content integrations, prejudice reduction, empowering school culture and social culture. Various studies of the perceptions and implementations of multicultural education will be described also. The claims of multiculturalism. By making the broadest range of human differences acceptable to the largest number of people, multiculturalism seeks to overcome racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination. The research shows that five areas matter a great deal in the education of a multicultural population: teachers' beliefs about students, curriculum content and materials, instructional approaches, educational settings, and teacher education. 10/01/2015 10:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall. Multicultural therapy addresses the concerns of those whose race, ethnicity, religion, gender identification, income, disability, or other social factor falls outside of the majority. U.S. Multiculturalism or Cultural Assimilation? Articles on Multiculturalism Displaying 1 - 20 of 129 articles Co-champions celebrate at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in National Harbor, Maryland, on May 31, 2019. Defining Multiculturalism.

Example of current issues in the multicultural classroom. In its most basic sense, multicultural education is a progressive approach for transforming education based on educational equality and social justice.

2. Josh Greenberg’s article on diversity in the workplace for The Multicultural Advantage provides an overview of diversity and briefly breaks down both the benefits and challenges of diversity. Research on multiculturalism in Canada This article is dedicated to the memory of my friend and colleague Rudy Kalin (1938–2011). 1. 2.1 History and Definition of Multiculturalism The historical roots of multicultural education grew out a struggle for political power, freedom, and economic Literature Review There are several studies that explain the issues in the multicultural classroom.

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