black belt essay examples

Black Belt Essay – Mr. Nadimpalli, 14 years-old, October 2013 Throughout my life, I have participated in many activities such as Chess, Swimming, and playing Cricket. A black belt essay represents the culmination of your journey, who helped you achieve those goals, and what the experience means to you. Martial Arts has taught me to become a better person and has given me the discipline and confidence to accomplish any goals, both physically and mentally. Many lay people that do not have knowledge about this art think that a black belt is someone who is very dangerous and any conflict with this person should be avoided at any cost. After several years of dedication to martial arts is when these characteristics display themselves. Those of us that have chosen to participate in Tae Kwon Do, know that the rank of black belt is an honor, and with it comes many responsibilities and expectations. Black Belt Essays Black Belt Essays What Martial Arts Means To Me By Angela Lefante Senior Instructor. Compared to these experiences, my past two years in Valley Ranch Taekwondo America was more boisterous and influential. Ashlynn started training in Tae Kwon Do when she was just 4 years old. Knowing you worked hard for a black belt makes your accomplishment so much better. In this black belt essay, she doesn’t talk at all about how long it took her to get to black belt. This essay should be genuine, open and reflective about what has brought you to the present achievement. What I have learned since getting my Junior Black Belt is that it takes energy, dedication and practice to be successful at karate.

The fact that I stayed committed to taking karate during this time shows my dedication to learning new skills to attain my Senior Black Belt. The respect and honor you gain from becoming a black belt is priceless. This essay will also be the ideal time to thank your Master and the work you have done together. I have been taking Tae Kwon Do for over four years and am yet to have earned my black belt. Instead, she focuses on the process, hard work, and how she changed. A lot of physical training and use of mental strength is required. When I first started, I was just a 12-year old kid … Becoming a black belt has always been a goal of mine.

At the time of her black belt test, she was 11 (nearly 12). Becoming a black belt requires one to be very perseverance and work tirelessly.

Here is a black belt essay from Ashlynn!

March 8, 2015 / in Black Belt Essay / by sunsoo A bit of history: Two at the judging table, Master Tony Morris, and my older daughter Master Juli Bowman were instrumental in my decision to begin my Tae Kwon Do practice.

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