blockchain voting system research paper

By adopting blockchain in the distribution of databases on e-voting systems can reduce one of the cheating sources of database manipulation.
contemporary e-voting systems.

Agora piloted the first test of blockchain voting in a national government vote during Sierra Leone Presidential Elections earlier this year.

This research discusses the recording of voting result using blockchain algorithm from every place of election.

Keywords: E-voting, Blockchain, Blind signature 1 Introduction Electronic voting (e-voting), which uses electronic systems to aid casting and counting votes in an election, has been a research topic of interest for the past few decades in cryptography (for more on e-voting, see [1,2]). However, maintaining some centralised power and trust in this way could challenge the ideology of decentralisation associated with blockchain-based systems.

Contribution of the Paper Contributions of the paper can be summed up as below: 1) The paper proposes an e-voting scheme based on Blockchain itself has been used in the Bitcoin system known as the decentralized Bank system. Secure Voting System using Blockchain - written by Dipali Pawar , Pooja Sarode , Shilpa Santpure published on 2019/12/05 download full article with reference data and citations Skip to content International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology Blockchain-Based E-Voting System Abstract: Building a secure electronic voting system that offers the fairness and privacy of current voting schemes, while providing the transparency and flexibility offered by electronic systems has been a challenge for a long time. Blockchain-Based E-Voting System Friðrik Þ. Hjálmarsson, Gunnlaugur K. Hreiðarsson School of Computer Science Reykjavik University, Iceland {fridrik14, gunnlaugur15} Abstract—Building an electronic voting system that satisfies the legal requirements of … support a large scale voting scheme.

In this paper we explore both the possibilities of an e-voting scheme, along with the challenges and limitation of the blockchain technology in the e-voting context. A detailed analysis of such systems is presented in the next section along with the identification of comparison with these approaches. a blockchain-based e-voting system that uses “permissioned blockchain”, and (ii) review of existing blockchain frame works suited for constructing blockchain-based e-voting system. Another key question is how to ensure widespread trust in the security and legitimacy of the system. As paper voting systems. The research presented in this paper also attempts to leverage these properties of blockchain to achieve an efficient e-voting system.

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