breakfast club essay prompt

The Breakfast Club Essay. This movie centers around five students; Andrew, Claire, Brian, John and Allison. Throughout The Breakfast Club, the character John Bender, referred to as Bender in the movie, displays and relies heavily on the use of non verbal communication to maintain his persona of non caring and powerful. I have seen the breakfast club three times before taking this class and then saw it for a fourth time during class and I must say that it is defiantly one of my favourite movies. Bender has unfortunately had a very rough child hood and has a terrible relationship with his father which makes his stage of adolescence that much harder. Essay on Breakfast Club 1604 Words | 7 Pages.
The Breakfast Club Essay. The Breakfast Club is a 1985 film based on five students from entirely different social groups forced to spend an eight hour Saturday detention together for their own individual reasons. Film: The Breakfast Club Essay 993 Words 4 Pages The movie The Breakfast Club was released in 1985, and is based on a group of five high school students from stereotypical cliques; the popular, jock, nerd and the outcasts, who all wind up stuck together for Saturday detention. The Breakfast Club was directed by John Hughes and released in 1985. Each of these students in the beginning of the movie seemingly fits into their respective stereotypes. The film is about five students that have to spend a day together in Saturday detention. The Breakfast Club Reflection. Roya Sanders GE 347 12-29-11 The Breakfast Club Critique: Group Formation Forming is the anxiety and uncertainty about belonging to a group. I viewed the task as just another mediocre film from the 80’s to watch for school. The Breakfast Club – Analysis Essay This past weekend I set out to accomplish this extra credit assignment. They had to spend Saturday detention for 8 hours at Shermer High School library. As the group forms and matures, natural leaders will emerge. In the beginning of the movie, all five students arrive at the … Merna Tadros Cmst 106 30 September 2017 Final Media paper (The breakfast club) Summary The title of the movie I chose to watch is “The Breakfast Club”. The movie "The Breakfast Club" did a great job showing how adolescences behave during this uncertain time in their lives. John Bender who is also known as the criminal is the most aware of himself out of the five people in detention. Members in these roles will change several times during the forming phase of group development. The five students were all given the same assignment, to write an essay about “who you think you are” and the acts they committed to end up in Saturday detention. Many Times throughout the movie bender is seen maintaining eye contact and pointing at many of the characters, this is a form of … They were the same when taking into …

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