continuing education nursing articles
Learn about patient assessment, and the potential risks and complications. Introduction Continuing education (CE) is imperative to the future of professional nursing. This month we are taking a look at continuing education -- both continuing education required for licensure and academia. Nursing offers such a vast array of specialties and practice areas, nurses should never … Exams are available on the Web or in print when you want to take them. Understanding the principles and aims of intravenous fluid therapy. Continuing education for nurses not only keeps nurses up to date on the latest advances in care and treatment, but it affords nurses an opportunity to explore other areas of nursing such as home health or hospice, wound care, pain management, geriatrics and case management, and a host of other niches. Continuing education for health professionals. [Google Scholar] Richards L, Potgieter E. Perceptions of registered nurses in four state health institutions on continuing formal education. The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions serves as a peer-reviewed forum for scholarly works addressing all aspects continuing education (CE) and continuing professional development (CPD) for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

2010; 33 (2):41–50. The importance of continuing education for nurses has been increasingly emphasized in the nursing literature since the beginning of the profession. 2010; 41 (3):101–117. Topics previously covered were: membership in professional nursing organizations and the value of nursing conferences. New England Journal of Medicine (UK) This website includes two resources for continuing education in Medicine. Curationis. Our continuing professional development (CPD) articles are designed to assist with your nursing skills and practice. This perhaps suggests that continuing education is the driving force that promotes nurses to continue their professional development. As the nursing literature evidently shows, continuing education is an essential component to the professionalisation of nursing and could be viewed as a catalyst for the development of nursing practice (Unsworth, 2000). The use of e-learning by registered nurses for CE is spreading.
The NEJM … A review of systematic reviews will be conducted to develop a broad picture of the effects of e-learning in a CE context on nursing care. Continuing education needs of nurses in a voluntary continuing nursing education state. For many continuing education for nurses is a requirement to keep their license current. The NEJM Weekly CME Program which offers one-credit exams based on specific articles in the New England Journal of Medicine as each issue is published. But the value and importance of continuing education isn’t always clearly defined. J Contin Educ Nurs. Optimising professional communication with …

Nalle MA, Wyatt T, Myers CR. In this article, we’ll answer the question what is continuing education, provide different examples, and explain why it is important for nurses.. The concept of continuing education is often used as a substitute for associated terms such as continuing professional development and lifelong learning, thus highlighting a need for its clarification. Over the past few months, has presented articles on the aspects of Nursing Professional Development (NPD).

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