describe the role of three of the following in the regulation of protein synthesis

The nucleotides of the DNA strands are read in groups of three.
Please and Thank You!! Codons: A codon is a sequence of three DNA or RNA nucleotides that corresponds with a specific amino acid or stop signal during protein synthesis Ribosomes: Site of protein synthesis tRNA: The function of tRNA is to decode an mRNA sequence into a protein and transfers that protein to the ribosomes Information flow can be altered by mutation.

Describe the role of THREE of the following in the regulation of protein synthesis.

Methylation. Repressor proteins. siRNA. Describe the role of THREE of the following in the regulation of protein synthesis: (3 points max) RNA splicing Repressor proteins Methylation

Describe THREE different types of their mutations and their effect in protein synthesis. Describe the role of three of the following in the regulation of protein synthesis: RNA splicing, repressor proteins, methylation, and siRNA. ! Describe the role of THREE of the following in the regulation of protein synthesis: RNA splicing. -RNA splicing-Repressor proteins-Methylation-siRNA b.)


a) Describe the role of THREE of the following in the regulation of protein synthesis: • RNA splicing • repressor proteins • methylation • siRNA The synthesis of mRNA using a strand of DNA as a template.. Describe three different types of mutations and their effect on protein synthesis. Each triplet is called acodon.Thus, a codon may be CGA, or TTA, or GCT, or any other combination of the four bases, depending on their sequence in the DNA strand.

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