818 Words | 4 Pages. Excessive amounts of time spent on homework can take away from kids social lives, family time, and sports or other activities. Homework harmful or helpful. Kids these days tend enjoy modern technology more in playing games such as Candy Crush, Garden Escape, Cooking Fever, and more; moreover, some games are even made as a sport, or what gamers call e-sports such as the NA LCS of League of Legends and some enjoy social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat by posting their current life … The equation isn’t adding up: why too much homework is bad for the teenage brain.

Homework strengthens concepts, information, and skills that a student learns in class. Homework makes a student ready for upcoming class topics. Homework. Too much homework is not helpful, and can be unhealthy.

Homework activities aids in forming a connection between school learning and the real world. Everyday student stays up very late to finishing there homework. Then including, the average amount of hours spent on homework everyday which is 3.5. Persuasive Essay : Why Homework Should Be Banned For Students? Finding the data and work citing was the hardest part. Thesis: This essay will examine the positive and negative aspects of homework and discuss its benefits for schoolchildren. This essay was to right an argument and persuasive essay, using toulmin model that we learned in class.

No Homework Essay No Homework Homework, we all hate it, it went from being just 3 or 4 questions to 15 to 20 questions.Homework has historically been given to students to help them remember what they learn at school, and ultimately to help them learn the material better.However, too much homework is not good, and can be bad for the student. Present Situation Many children today have to spend hours every evening doing homework. The Importance Of Homework Essay 1051 Words | 5 Pages.

After a stressful day in school, after hard practice for school or another sports team and maybe some hours of work, they come home and the only thing they want to do is going to bed. Other side: Others feel that homework is mostly useless. Homework should be outlawed.

reflection. Homework can be such a controversial topic. We had to find accurate data which can make the claim strong and persuasive.

When you sit down to write a persuasive essay, which you were presumably given as homework, it can be very tempting to say that we should just get rid of all homework completely. High school students today are suffering from the pressure of grades, sports, sleep, and keeping up with a social life while going to school a average of five days a week. Homework teaches how a student can work independently and build self-discipline. homework essay introduction. “Homework is super helpful in learning and processing the material learned in class.” Said no kid ever. Persuasive Essay on Less Homework How much homework is too much? We had to find evidence online, and do the bibliography.

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