history of the atom essay

Atom is derived from the Greek word “atomos” , which means to be uncuttable. Home / Essay Examples / Parent topic: History, Thomson. For nearly 2,000 years science was unable to come up with experiments that were able to test and put forth the theories made up by Democritus which was a fifth century B.C.

Which began in the early 1800s with John Dalton, to our current model of the electron cloud developed by Schrodinger. Over the span of hundreds of years science has advanced tremendously improving our understanding of what makes up the world we live in.

The History Behind The Atom Throughout the discovery of the atom, many scientists worked to formulate how the atom works. Greek philosopher. The Atom was theorized by a man named Democritus of Abdera, Thrace in between c.a 460 BC - ca. Atom History Essay An Atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense, central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The atom is one of sciences important findings and has had a changing history of …

The history of the atom. THE HISTORY OF THE ATOM I am doing my project on the history of the atom. 370 B.C. The atom was not just thought up overnight it took thousands of years of research and experimenting, but was finally finalized bty Dalton. ...Chapter 2 The History of the Atom It took many scientists and philosophers hundreds even thousands of years to come up with an accurate atomic theory.

Dalton was curious about many things but most of …

Over the span of hundreds of years science has advanced tremendously improving our understanding of what makes up the world we live in. The History of the Atom Essay Sample.

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