organizational conflict and conflict management: a synthesis of literature

effects the whole organization. It leads to search for better solutions and, therefore, can be considered as an instrument of organisational change and innovation. Conflict is inevitable and can make organisations more effective. Master’s thesis Submitted to: Reykjavik University School of Business INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS “Development of conflict management strategies to increase the organizational effectiveness in Nordic companies” Bankovskaya Violetta 25/05/2012 Supervisor Professor at Reykjavik University: Vlad Vaiman Reykjavik, 25th of May 2012 Signature of student. This paper presents types of conflict describe the benefits and detriments of conflict and present the causes of conflict. It is necessary to continuously track the organizational signals which point to their existence. THE INFLUENCE OF CONFLICT MANAGEMENT ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE: A CASE OF STIMA SACCO SOCIETY LIMITED BY BERYL AKOTH OLANG A research project Report submitted to the Chandaria School of Business in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Masters of Science in Organizational Development (MOD) UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY … awareness about conflict modes, conflict communication skills, and establishing a structure for management of conflict in organizational environment. Downloadable! 3 Effective conflict management involves the use of an assortment of styles dependent on the conditions of the conflict.4 This article provides an overview of conflict management strategies through a literature review. If we do not react duly, this can lead to the situation that the conflict itself manages the organization. The conflicts cannot be avoided, but it is possible to manage them in a way that we recognize them on time. conflict profiles; and (3) TMT affective conflict was detrimental to firm performance. Contributions to the literature, methodology and managerial practices, and limitation and … It spurts motivation, creativity, initiatives and raises organisational performance. 2.4 Conflict Resolution 15 2.4.1 Organizational Justice 15 2.4.2 The Role of Emotions 16 2.4.3 Conflict Dynamics Profile 17 2.4.4 Perspective Taking 18 2.4.5 Logical Argument Mapping (LAM) 18 2.4.6 Vaaland‟s improvement model 21 2.4.7 Active Conflict Management 22 2.4.8 Negotiation 22 2.5 Summary 26 3 METHODOLOGY 27 3.1 Type of Dissertation 27 3.2 Type of Research 27 3.3 Research … Every organization encounters conflicts on a daily basis. Pluralists treat power, conflict and interests as interrelated phenomena, in the management and organisational behaviour literature, and in pluralist practice, the tendency has been to give prominence to processes of conflict management and resolution, while relegating power issues to a residual role.

literature having to do with conflict goals, level of conflict escalation, mediation styles or processes, and outcomes, Noll had a better idea of how to make his theory encompass all of these aspects. Excessive conflict is undesirable but there is an optimum point that maximises performance. This depends upon the situation and the … Strategies are also presented to prevent and to effectively manage conflict.

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