origami flower with circle paper

It is double-sided (color on both sides) because both sides of paper will show. Explore › Arts & Crafts. Embed. How to Make 3D Origami Magic Circle (Medium Easy) Adapted from jonakashima's YouTube video. Once you master this origami lily, you can try to make more paper flowers, like an easy origami tulip flower or traditional origami camellia. 1. You can use all one color paper and make a variety of flowers, or use multiple colored papers for the various flowers. You will need 8 squares. 0 Comment Comment. 33 Steps. Supplies. 408. Fold … 2. When grouped together, the origami flowers look very lovely as a bouquet. by Ellie Kneeland. 408 Likes . 5.5k Views. You can use solid colored printer paper. I used a 3 inch square origami paper.

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