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Age Division: Junior Division Category: Group Website Members: Eli Kozuma, Kulbir Singh, Haydin Rilling, Caleb Bebout-Fowlks. ; Do NOT write Process Paper or Annotated Bibliography on your title page. You must conclude your description with an explanation of the relationship of your topic to the contest theme.

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Process Paper A process paper is a description of no more than 500 words explaining how you conducted your research and created and developed your entry.

No images, drawings, borders etc. We entered the Junior contest division. Title Page Title: The Berlin Wall Violating German Rights: Separating a Country, Friends, and Families. 1223 Words 5 Pages. Process Paper This paper describes how you put your project together.

are allowed on your title page! Group Process Paper; Group Process Paper. Pankaj Garg Date: 04/17/2006 ORG 530 (online) Group Process paper Our group is a 5-member team whose goal was to finish the assignment on time. This means you must have a title page for your process paper and your annotated bibliography. We created a website about this topic. And, based on this page in particular, a reader will decide whether your work is worth reading and studying in detail. A title page is required as the first page of written material in every category. Title Page A title page is required as the first page of written material in every category.
A title page is required as the first page of all written material in every category.

Word Count: 1,029 words Process Paper The topic that we chose to study for our NHD project was The Berlin Wall Violating German Rights. Kaylee's: The title of our entry is called "Apollo Manned Moon Missions".

Process Paper Title Page Laila's: The title of our entry is called Apollo Manned Moon Missions" My partner, Kaylee Rodriguez, and I worked on our NHD project about NASA's manned moon landings. The title page for a research paper is one of the most crucial issues. ; Use only the information given below. Your title page must include only the title of your entry, your name(s) and the contest division and category in which you are entered. Our team worked …

Process Paper Title Page; Process Paper; Annotated Bibliography; Indian Removal Act: The Trail of Tears Deja DuBose Junior Division Individual Website.

We were committed to working together to be successful because our class experience and grade was related to successfully completing this assignment. Use the exact same title page for both documents. It is an essential part of your work since it will be the first of what your audience (the reader) will see.

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