research papers on string theory

“In the case of string theory, consistency requires spacetime to have 10, 11 or 26 dimensions” (“Superstring theory”, nd para 4). String theory takes these four dimensions into account but also goes to say nothing prevents additional dimensions. The Species Corvus Corax. As humans observe it, physical space has only four large dimensions. String Theory Research Paper The Pursuit of a Theory of Everything. Reflection On Physics. "String theory would solve the long fight between … View String theory (Physics) Research Papers on for free. This is in contrast to ordinary quantum field theory, which predicts point particles that emit and absorb each other.String theory is a candidate for a Theory of Everything.
View String Theory Research Papers on for free. String theory is defined by Merriam-Webster as, "A physical theory in which one-dimensional loops travel through space and also merge and lyse as time elapses.

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