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In the 1960s the Black Rhino’s population was at a whopping 65,000 but today the population is around 3,000.

Academic Essay Post-reading: Rhino Poaching [Introduction] Use the table below to show which sentences carry out the functions included in the introduction: The white rhino is currently facing extinction. IAE Module ∎ English for Academic Purposes ∎ 3 –Problem/Solution Essay 2 Text 1: Dehorning Rhinos For many years, poaching has been a serious problem in wildlife parks in Africa. PSE Essay Outline: Rhino Poaching in Africa The rhinoceros is an important species that is close to extinction. ion Paragraph 1 y Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Poaching can be defined as when people unlawfully hunt, murder, and / or take animals out of their natural habitat. The one horn rhino or Indian rhino is lasting in the north-east corner of India. Animal poaching is a global issue and should not be handled lightly. Rhino Poaching, Model Essay .

One of the causes of the recent rise in poaching is the impact of China's economic boom.

Many strategies to stop rhino poaching: de-horning to anti-poaching rangers, fix the courts to rhino horn treatment, tackling wildlife trafficking to poverty.

Essays on Impacts Of Rhino Poaching. Manas National Park and some other grasslands of Assam. This is a threat in every place where rhinos live, especially Africa.

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Rhinoceros poaching in Assam is a major environmental issues in India which continues in the part of Kaziranga National Park. The rhinoceros is in danger of becoming extinct because of poaching.

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IAE Courses – PSE Essay – Source Texts – IAE Team (Eds.) Iconic animals, such as the rhino, are major attractions for tourists to South Africa who holds approximately 80% of the World’s rhino population.

We need to prevent this now. Throughout 2018 rhino killings continued their downward trend according t o official statistics, where by the end of the year only 769 rhino had been reported lost to poaching, the first time since 2012 that fewer than 1,000 rhino had been poached in a year. Soon it will be to late look back on what we have done. It’s been two years since we started Nikela (a US based public charity) as a vehicle to help those on the ground in Africa saving wildlife . The issue of extinction as these beautiful beings being slaughtered as we speak. I also discuss important technical concepts such as the meaning of market size and the persistence of demand and why these are relevant. Although worldwide there were half a million of them in the early twentieth century, there are now only 20,400 in Africa (Davies, 2013). Part 2 begins with some historical context and describes what has happened in the rhino horn Two majorly low populated African Rhino species that have really suffered the devastating effects of poaching are the Hooked-lip (Black) Rhinoceros and the Square-lipped (White) Rhinoceros. Environmental Issues Our beautiful environment is rapidly degrading in the scenery, variety and peacefulness.

A report into the study of the ivory trade found that the number of ivory items on sale in key centers in southern China has more than doubled since 2004, with most traded illegally. Describe the problems endangering wild rhinos and evaluate two possible solutions. This is due to human interference in the natural world.

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