scholarly articles on the holy spirit

In this article, we will clearly demonstrate that Pringle has very… Oct 25, 2018.

Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook Share with Email; Article. Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook; Share with Email; Article. In the New Testament, the fullness of the Holy Spirit was sometimes associated with cloven tongues of fire, shaking buildings, rushing winds, and people speaking in other languages or doing miracles. "Inquiring of the Lord," Paraclete, Fall 1986, pp. We Believe in the Holy Spirit. God’s holiness is complete, comparable to no one else, and is incompati- Jesus' promise to his disciples of a Comforter (or Paraclete, i.e., advocate), in John 14, is considered his principal reference to the Holy Spirit, and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and the communication of the gift of tongues, as recounted in Acts 2, is thought to be an example of the work of the Holy Spirit in time. 23-26.

These four emphasis’s serve to structure this article.

Jonathan Dodson Oct 25, 2018. 2.5K. David Mathis Aug 23, 2018. Abstract: This article outlines Wesley’s theology of the Holy Spirit. Heavily footnoted. In particular, it focuses on the naming of the Spirit as both Love and Gift, offering an apologia for privileging these names for the Spirit over any other, argued both on biblical grounds and in terms of the Trinitarian relations. SANCTIFICATION: THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND SCRIPTURE William D. Barrick Professor of Old Testament Sanctification is inseparable from regeneration; where there is one, the other must also exist. It seems Phil Pringle regards himself as a scholar of the Holy Spirit, and not only Phil – earlier this year at Hillsong Conference, Brian Houston said Phil Pringle is a man who is in tune with and an expert on the Holy Spirit. Many Christians have different ideas about the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Aug 23, 2018. You Can Know the Holy Spirit.

The use of “Spirit of God,” as opposed to “Holy Spirit,” is a distinctive result of the concrete Hebrew language, yet the concept is identical.

This is a rigorously researched, densely argued, and robust defence of Western (especially Catholic) approaches to the theology of the Holy Spirit. It is shown that Wesley’s pneumatology was trinitarian in structure and included soteriological, epistemological, and eschatological themes. A somewhat scholarly study of inquiring of the Lord in the Old Testament using the Urim and Thummim, and inquiry under the New Covenant. A somewhat scholarly article tracing all the references in the Bible on lifting hands in supplication, blessing, and praise.

Sanctification is the process of making holy, whether in the OT or the NT. 3.1K.

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