should recycling be mandatory essay

In addition, the myth about landfill spaces is completely false because nowadays there are a lot of landfills with great technology that eliminates the risk of poison people because of the garbage. Recycling has been made mandatory in areas of America, mandatory enough that if you don’t comply with the regulations you will be fined. While some might say recycling wastes resources, recycling should be made mandatory because recycling helps the planet by saving expenses, helping preserve our natural resources, and recycling … Well that could be one reason as to why you should recycle or not. Those who argue that recycling should be mandatory focus on how it helps the earth while those against mandatory recycling focus on the idea that it could not be reinforced and how it actually can be a waste. Recycling should be mandatory because recycling can help to keep our planet clean in many ways. 1078 Words | 5 Pages going in the garbage instead of recycling, you can multiply it by the 7 billion people on earth. First, recycling saves trees. 1167 Words 5 Pages Over the years threatening environmental issues like global warming and are making countries all over the world put into consideration actions such as mandatory recycling in order to prevent disasters.

This critical fact, one of the first environmental lessons many children learn, cannot be overstated.

There are plenty of reasons … Nowadays, recycling should not be mandatory because it is very expensive, and in the big majority of the occasions the recycling programs operate in a deficit that produces financial problems in local governments. We have the freedom of choice in America and if any individual feels that they don’t need to then they shouldn’t have to.

Should Recycling be Mandatory? Should Recycling Be Mandatory Around The World?

Should Recycling Be Mandatory Recycling?

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