the essay brian wrote in the breakfast club

Allison and Andrew also get together in the ending. No one has it easy and those who seem to are faking it. The last scene ended with a voice over of Brian reading the essay and John walking across the oval and raising his left hand. We see Vernon writing the essay that Brian had wrote regarding the breakfast club. He walks over to where Brian is sitting and points to the table on the opposite side of the Library. Allison walks in.

Perhaps Brian felt the need to name the essay "The Breakfast Club" because of this very reason...that we're really all just members of the same 'club'...that is, we're all just people. That is what The Breakfast Club reveals: that we are all alike.

[to Brian] What are you babbling about? Brian: Well, what I said was that I'm in a Math Club, uh, the Latin Club, and the Physics Club-- Physics Club. Essay about Psychoanalysis of Brian from "The Breakfast Club" 1172 Words | 5 Pages (Nerd) Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development Brian Johnson, as well as the rest of the characters from Hughes’ The Breakfast Club, can be categorized in more than one level/stage of Lawrence Kohlberg’s levels/stages of moral development. The storyline follows five teenagers as they spend their Saturday together in detention. In The Breakfast Club, there is a clear demonstration of the Uncertainty Reduction theory, when the teenagers from all different types of backgrounds are able to form their own friendship group by the end of the movie. Bender sits at the table where Brian was and puts his feet up. In the essay written by character Brian Johnson, the famous line from the movie describes how each student describes themself based off of what other people think of them. The Breakfast Club, released in 1985, is the middle film of the “teen trilogy” for which he is most celebrated, bracketed by his first outing as a director, the slapsticky Sixteen Candles (1984), and the more exuberant and polished Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). John: Excuse me a sec.

Brian: Um, uh, this is a Club, too. Brian reluctantly gets up and moves. club, breakfast.

It gives light to the struggles of high school and fitting in that we all go through.

The storyline follows five teenagers as they spend their Saturday together in detention.

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 American teen drama film, written and directed by John Hughes.

This is because The Breakfast Club hits home for so many people. She walks all the way around the library and sits in the back corner table, just behind Brian. The storyline, context, and dialogue reveals how every high school operated and how those in high school felt about it. Read story The Breakfast Club ~Ending Letter by TroubleCousins (Kelsey And Zoe) with 19,143 reads.

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