the sport i like most cricket essay

Sports Essay 3 (200 words) Sports are most easy and convenient ways for the very good physical and mental exercise. The word cricket came from French word ‘criquit’. It is probably a development of soft ball which was in vogue in the Middle Ages and still survives in parts of Sussex. Cricket is a sport that requires the use of a bat and ball. Essay on Game I like the Most Cricket The game which I like the most is cricket because cricket is not only a game for me, it is more than that. We can never unseen the benefits and importance of playing the sports on regular basis.
This game consists of two teams that include 11 players each. It is not so popular in Unites States however played as a most fascinating game in many countries like India, England and Australia. Cricket is a game of English origin and it is regarded as the mains game of English. Cricket Essay 5 (300 words) Cricket is the exciting outdoor game in India and played in many countries all through the world. The game I like most – cricket Cricket is a game that originated from England; cricket is one of the popular games that started in London club at Hambledon in 1750. Thomas Lord was the pioneer of the club. It is very useful for growth and development of the individual as well as the country. It is a wonderful game played using a bat and a ball in the open space in the big field.

Read Essay On Cricket here. Baseball was derived from cricket. Essay on How to Play Cricket 954 Words | 4 Pages. It is easily one of the most prevalent sports in the world. Cricket has achieved its popularity in other parts of the world, including Asia and many Commonwealth countries like Australia, South Africa, New to Play Cricket Everybody knows that soccer is the most played game in the world but very few people know that the second most played game after soccer is cricket.

I really love batting because my father and I would spend time talking about cricket and he would also teach me how to bat. The Game I Like Most : The Game I Like Most is Cricket. Cricket had it origin in 700 A.D.

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