views on stem cell research

But the argument is deeper than that. Republican views on stem cell research staunchly oppose research that uses tissue cells from aborted or miscarried fetuses. The debates over the ethics of stem cell research began almost immediately in 1999, despite reports that stem cells cannot grow into complete organisms. The Republican Party also supports an end of governmental support of Planned Parenthood over its contribution to that research. Stem cell research: All viewpoints. If life begins at conception, intentionally destroying an embryo is the murder of a person. Stem cell research is a sticky subject because of the ambiguity on both sides. They have a unique feature in that they can be coaxed into developing into some or all of the 220 cell types found in the human body. About stem cells: Stem cells are a special form of human life: they are alive and contain human DNA. I have arrived at my strong position in favor of stem cell research from a scientific point of view, as well as from the vantage point of my ethical and moral beliefs. For one thing, you don’t have to destroy an embryo to get stem cells because adult stem cells work very well and are comparable in their benefits, but more importantly, an embryo isn’t destroyed in the process. The problem is well known.

In 2000–2001, governments worldwide were beginning to draft proposals and guidelines to control stem cell research and the handling of embryonic tissues and reach universal policies. If we have a choice between stem cells, by all means adult stem cells should be considered above embryonic stem cells. Here are some issues for Christians to consider: Embryonic stem cells are taken from fertilized eggs.

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