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Oxford Wave Research are proud to be Platinum Sponsors of the 2019 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics. Oxford Wave Research presents the Bio-Metrics software for the Windows platform that makes evaluating the performance of your speaker, biometric recognition systems, or algorithms […] MADCAT It is based on the principle that if two or more different recordings contain the same […] MADCAT is an innovative content search, duplication and time synchronisation system for audio and video files. In collaboration with Oxford Wave Research (OWR), the University of Cambridge, and Philipps-Universität Marburg, my MA project seeks to better understand the relation of voice similarity ratings by humans and by an automatic approach. 2Research and Development, Oxford Wave Research Ltd, UK. 2Oxford Wave Research Ltd, Oxford, United Kingdom {anil|oscar}@oxfordwaveresearch.com In this article, we present a novel forensic speaker recognition system that provides the capability to perform comparisons using both ‘traditional’ forensic phonetic parameters and ‘automatic’ spectral features in a semi- or fully automatic way. VOCALISE has been developed with an ‘open-box’ architecture. Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) mark a new phase in the evolution of … In this experiment you will be presented with pairs of voice recordings by male speakers and asked to judge the similarity of each pair. MADCAT. Although not all interviews are fully transcribed, a fair proportion of them are, and this is a costly end-to-end process. It is based on the principle that if two or more different recordings contain the same acoustic events, it is possible to search for and identify the parts of the audio that are overlapping and to provide a precise time of match. Over the course of this technology evolution, the complexity of the systems has increased, as has the recognition performance. Oxford; Oxford Wave Research; Audio R&D company based out of Oxford, UK OWR is a research and development company based in Oxford in the United Kingdom. {oscar|anil}@oxfordwaveresearch.com The London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) holds around 850,000 detainee interviews per year at an average length of thirty minutes each. VOCALISE supports several generations of automatic speaker recognition technology, from classic approaches based on Gaussian Mixture Models (GMMs), to state-of-the-art i-vectors and x-vectors. The idea underlying the design is that the user should be able to change the system parameters and introduce new data at every step of the speaker recognition process. Our main areas of research are in audio acquisition, processing and pattern recognition related product development and R&D services.

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