water privatization article
In the global policy debate over whether water services in developing countries should remain public or be privatized, advocates for privatization call for reducing the role of the state in water services, while civil society groups argue that privatization violates the human right to water.

When the price of water tripled after privatization was introduced, thousands took to the streets until the government backed down and told the company to leave. Water is a limited resource which needs to be handled with great care and fairness. A recent Wall Street Journal article reports on what seems to be an accelerating trend: cities privatizing their water supplies. Some of the important points that have been raised in these arguments are as follows: Profiteering: The most obvious disadvantage of water privatization is profiteering. Water is such an important public resource and has been maintained by the public sector for so long that concept of water privatization can be controversial. The process of treatment and distribution of quality water is a taxpayer-funded service.
Water privatization is a … On the other hand, private companies might lobby for expanded water rights to include … Water privatization has been at the receiving end of some major criticism. Corporations have a tendency to put profits above people. In particular, it will discuss three aspects of water privatization in the U.S.: 1) the privatization of public water services, 2) private property This could be dangerous as far as water is concerned. In some countries, laws might be put in place to assure that citizens have water rights while restricting the water rights of corporations. The Article will focus on water privatization trends in the United States. Now, Bechtel is suing the government of Bolivia for millions of dollars under a bilateral investment treaty for losses in future profits (see World Bank's ICSID to Hear Case on Bolivia Water Privatization , Economic Justice News, October 2002). It is the area of privatization of water and public water services and infrastructure. attention. It is a precious resource that is considered as a utility service.

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