why we use paper money

Use cloth napkins. Paper bills were first used by the Chinese, who started carrying folding money during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) — mostly in the form of privately issued bills of credit or exchange notes — and used it for more than 500 years before the practice began to catch on in Europe in the 17th century. Top Ten Reasons why fiat currency is superior to gold (or silver) money. 1. NUMBER 10: THERE IS NOT ENOUGH GOLD (OR SILVER) IN THE WORLD TO SERVE AS MONEY. According to USA Today, 90% of monetary transactions in Denmark take place digitally. More use of paper towels means you will be throwing it in the bin more. Yes, digital wallets are the future indeed. The US is catching […] Let’s begin with the obvious. 30 Ways to Use Less Paper Save Paper in Your Home. They come in lots of colors and prints, and add an elegant touch to even the most modest of … The Invention of Paper Money in China, AD 800. It will eventually increase garbage producing pollution in … Sometimes called rag paper, which is more fabric-like than pulp-wood paper, U.S. currency also has an embedded polyester strip that's microprinted for security plus color shifting ink. Denmark will be an all digital society as early as this year. Because its natural qualities recommend it as a high quality form of money gold suffers from Gresham’s Law, a common sense law in economics which states that “bad money drives good money out of circulation”. U.S. paper money isn't made of common wood-pulp paper. The history of paper money is interesting not only from the idea and technolgy of printing, but also from the perspective of trading with a commodity that in itself has no intrinsic value. We know that central banks the world over have printed money at … Here are some ways you can cut your paper consumption for good and save a ton of money in the process. Papers are not only connected with offices but we use papers in different forms in our houses as well. European explorers like Marco Polo introduced the concept in Europe during the 13th century. We use paper in various ways in our homes for example, paper tissues, etc.

Paper currency first developed in Tang dynasty China during the 7th century, although true paper money did not appear until the 11th century, during the Song dynasty.The usage of paper currency later spread throughout the Mongol Empire or Yuan dynasty China. It's primarily made of cotton and linen for durability. Yet what is different about gold and other forms of money is the way they disappear, and why. Denway, Norway and Sweden are leading the charge towards cashless societies. In the US, that number is a mere 45%.

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